My Happy Place

There is a bay at the beach nearby where we usually go for summer vacations. There might not be anything special about it. But it is a calming place that I like to visit in my mind often, too. Whenever I feel a little stressed or when the everyday life situations try to get the best of me. It can be only a split second, or possibly a longer meditation.

What returning to my happy place in my mind does for me is:

1. Relieve Stress

I might not forget what is going on that caused stress in the first place, but it makes me relax and think clearer when I’m distanced from a situation.

2. Helps Me Make Tougher Decisions

Looking at the problem from a different perspective usually helps me solve it. So, I like to distance myself from it for a bit, preferably literally, but if that isn’t possible, then going to my happy place in my mind does the trick.

3. Instantly Calms Me Down If I’m About To Burst Out In Anger

You could escape to your happy place in any of the different situations life throws at you. Let that be at work, if you’re an athlete facing an important performance, an artist, if you’re nearing a deadline of any sort, if you’re a parent and kids just drive you nuts at times…

I also associate my happy place with deep breathing. I like to imagine the smell of the sea, pine trees, the sun drying the salt in my hair. I make it a complete experience, rather than it being just a place. Returning there definitely makes me feel safe and think clearly.

I escape there quite often. The escape does not have to be negatively associated. It sometimes gives me inspiration for summer attire. Deep green and blue colors that make a juxtaposition to high temperatures bring color to my outfits. Also new ideas, how to DIY cut out shirts and pants. P.S. I think cut-outs look fabulous. For example, cut-out shoulders work great on most women as bare shoulders create an illusion of broadening the shoulders and making them more equal to the width of the hips.

How about summer inspired cut out backs on shirts with bows at the waist? And linen frill skirts that can be worn all year long, even when the temperatures are low over a pair of yoga pants. Or a more casual men’s shirt over a pair of yoga pants. Those are all outfits that I would wear at the seaside where my happy place is. It furthermore reminds me to keep my skin moisturized, as well as to wear sun protection and stay away from the sun during its stronger hours (usually between 11 am and 4 pm), wear hats, and long sleeves when I’m unavoidably under the sun during its stronger hours.

There are also plenty of natural ingredients in place of sunscreen. Use olive oil, walnut oil, cocoa butter, just mind that their SPF is normally low. And maybe most importantly, I’m reminded to keep a healthy diet, so the body I take into older years will be one that I’m proud of.

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