Yin Yoga Frog Pose for Deep Hip Opening

The frog pose is one of the more intense postures in yin yoga. It is a deep hip opener that offers many benefits. Frog pose gives a deep release of the hips through the abductors muscles. The posture can be practiced at any time, during class or on its own when you feel like you would like some release. It is usually held for between 3-5 minutes. Also, make sure to wear comfortable yoga pants for women.

The benefits of practicing the frog pose are:

  • Deep groin release – excellent for runners and yogis alike.
  • Provides a slight backbend which compresses the lower and upper back.
  • Aids digestion and relieves cramps – both from menstrual cycles and from food.

There are some contradictions and I recommend being cautious of this posture if you have a bad back or if you feel pain in the knees. Always consult with your yoga teacher or physiotherapist if you feel extreme discomfort before or during the asana.

As with all yin yoga postures, there is some obvious discomfort during the pose. Try to breathe through to release over the allocated holding time. However, you should never feel sharp pain. It can be useful to hold the postures at 60-70% of your personal threshold. This way, you have room to stretch deeper in a safe capacity.

Entering the Posture

Getting set up in the pose takes some preparation. It helps to fold your mat in half-length ways and then fold the outer edges in towards the middle. This way you will have sufficient padding underneath the knees.

You may wish to have a bolster to lie underneath your stomach and a block to rest your forehead on. A blanket layer on the floor underneath your body can be soothing, too.

  1. Separate the feet as wide as the knees, with the knees on the thick folded parts of your yoga mat.
  2. Extend one arm at a time and move your torso forward.
  3. Decide if you would like to lie your body over a bolster. Rest your forehead on a block or use gravity and support of your arms.
  4. Allow the hips to come forward further if the pressure in the groin or hips is too intense.

If you like you can have your arms under your shoulders, resting on your forearms or extended forward above the head stretching out the chest and the shoulders.

Aim to hold the posture for 3-5 minutes and breathe deeply into the hips. This can be a challenging posture to hold. The hips are where we store a lot of emotions and sometimes during deep hip openers, such as the frog pose, we can feel a lot of strong emotions boiling up. Try to focus on your inhale and exhale, and notice the release of the hips and groin as the time goes on.

Coming Out of the Posture

  1. Either sit back into a child’s pose or slide forward onto your stomach and move your legs together.
  2. You can move on to your back, hug your knees to your chest and rock side to side. Or, move your knees in circles massaging the lower back.

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